Line polyethylene / Polyethylene bags

The polyethylene bags are manufactured according to specifications, sizes and actions required by our customers, with high density polyethylene and low density, printed or unprinted, colored, clear or natural color.
We use raw materials imported or domestic virgin. We manufacture bags with side seal, bottom and double bottom with side bellows, bellows at the back with flap and single flap bag knurled, drilled for food.
We manufacture die-cut shirt type bags, banana, bulb type.
We have the ability to print on one side with 1 to 6 colors, 2 sides of 1 to 6 colors, we also polychrome printing. Printing is performed according to the characteristics required by the customer.
We manufacture polypropylene bags mono-oriented and bio-oriented with or without printing.

Our polyethylene bags contain «EPI Technology»
EPI technology has been designed for the control and management of durable products made from the plastics commonly used by modern society. TDPA ™ technology allows products made from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) to degrade, and in most cases biodegrade, to be discarded, and converted, in a few months or in the term Of a couple of years, in benign products for the environment compared to the decades or centuries that would need the same products to be degraded by not incorporating the benefit of the technology.