Our company was founded in Santiago de Cali on June 15, 1973 under the name INCOPAL LTDA. In December of 1982 was changed its name by Colombian Industry of papers INCOLPA LTDA.

We are a competitive company nationwide and in 2000 we started international operations exporting our products to the United States of America, with aspirations to expand our coverage to other countries. This is achieved with innovations, technological improvement and training our employees, complying with the quality standards required in ISO 9001 VERSION 2008.

We are producers and marketers of products and packaging of paper and polyethylene to meet the needs of the market.

Achieve growth in our sales in the domestic market and maintain international presence of our products in paper and polyethylene packaging.

Colombian Paper Industry – INCOLPA S.AS. Is a company that produces and markets paper and polyethylene products and packaging, is committed to customer satisfaction through compliance with technical specifications, competitive prices and continuous improvement of the efficiency of its processes to increase profitability and national growth